It is a sad fact that less than one in ten people who suffer a cardiac arrest outside of hospital will survive,

The good news is that survival improves dramatically if the patient receives basic but effective Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation – CPR, immediately. Having someone on hand who knows how to do CPR is crucial to saving a life. CPR can keep someone alive until qualified help arrives. And, even better,  if a cardiac defibrillator is available then it may be possible to restart the patients heart even before the ambulance arrives

As a rural community, we must expect that getting help from the ambulance service may take longer than in a town or city. With this in mind, the Parish Council has purchased and installed a public access cardiac defibrillator. With the kind support of owner Ed White, the machine is located on the wall of the Spar shop at Calver crossroads.

A second defibrillator has been installed at the Village Hall on Main Street. This second machine has been purchased and installed by the Village Hall Committee.

The Parish Council and the Village Hall Committee offered CPR training to all the residents of Calver who wished to receive it during July 2017. We intend to offer further sessions once the current Covid-19 emergency ends.

If you were unable to attend one of the 2017 sessions, and would like to be kept informed about future training then please join our mailing list here.

Training will also be available for the residents of Curbar, Froggatt and Stoney Middleton, courtesy of the Village Hall Committee. You can register your interest for later sessions at the Village Hall website here

Please consider undertaking the training – YOU COULD SAVE A LIFE!!