The videos used as part of the CPR training sessions are available for download to your own computer below.
Alternatively, if you wish to view them on ‘YouTube’ then click on the appropriate links at the bottom of the page.

Video 1 – ‘Sam’s Fight for Every Heartbeat’

Video 2 – (Part 1) ‘How To Do CPR’
Video 2 – (Part 2) ‘How To Do CPR’

Video 3 – ‘Child CPR’

Video 4 – ‘Recovery Position’

Video 5 – Using a Defibrillator’
(This is a general introduction)

Video 6 – ‘Using the Heartsine P500 Defibrillator’
(The P500 is the actual device that is available at Calver SPAR supermarket and at the Village Hall, Calver)

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Video 1 – ‘Sam’s Fight For Every Heartbeat’
Video 2 – ‘How To Do CPR’
Video 3 – ‘Child CPR’
Video 4 – ‘Recovery Position’
Video 5 – ‘Using A Defibrillator’
Video 6 – Using The Heartsine P500